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WordPress Themes Design Trends 2016

Beyond any doubt, forecasting is a thankless task. However, DesignContest has its original views on the trends and tendencies in WordPress design in 2016. In the paper, I’m going to share with you essential tendencies that will soon come and are already in the field. So, let’s start.

#1 Leading Role of Typography

Typography has gained much popularity thanks to Google Fonts. Developers and designers are no longer limited to the Arial and Comic Sans fonts.

Of course, you have to choose carefully font’s height, thickness, etc. Well, many websites are already succeeded in the proper use of fonts, but still there’s a lot of work to do. Choosing and adapting font is not very time-consuming processes, but it will help you to improve the perception of the site and the attitude of the audience.

#2 Lowering of the Page Height

For the most part, it refers to landing pages, the popularity of which has dramatically grown over past couple of years. When it comes to convenience, it occurs that you have to find a golden mean between redirecting a user to another website pages and making him scroll a too long website. Nobody says that you should use each and every link on the webpage o redirect the user to another one, but scrolling 100 times on one and the same page is not the most convenient option for PC users.


However, Pinterest along with blogs that load the additional content once the user reaches the bottom of the page have increased their popularity since users do not need to make extra clicks to navigate through numerous pages. Thus, before choosing a particular theme, you have to analyze the audience and the purposes carefully.

#3 Full-Screen Themes

The best thing about large and high-quality WordPress themes is that they look beautiful on retina displays and widescreen monitors. This trend is based on the fact that today, Internet connection allows almost everyone to get fast loading speed, so users don’t have to wait to get all the beauties of large images.

Besides, high-quality full-screen videos come along with images.


#4 Touch and Fixed Horizontal Navigation

In 2016, almost every person has a gadget connected to the Internet. Therefore, sliding through galleries of images become quite a popular way of internet surfing. As the number of users who have access to the Internet via mobile devices is growing steadily, more and more themes switch from the click navigation to the tapping one.

Also, scrolling down a long page is much easier on touchscreen devices. In 2016 and further, more and more projects will be done using gestures for navigation.

Fixed navigation is other feature appeared together with the growth of mobile technologies. As long scrolling pages are rather popular, and web designers strive to improve user experience, WordPress design with a fixed top navigation menu will be actively implemented in various projects. Therefore, a user will always have the ability to navigate fast without scrolling the page back to the top.

#5 Originality

The main issue of originality is that right from the point somebody uses it, it immediately ceases to be original. In fact, any website sticking to your “original” template already affects your “originality.” This is the greatest problem of templates: many of those who have received a beautiful original site eventually realize that they are only one of many. It affects both those who were the first and those who copied the original.

So, the originality will lie in the close interaction between website elements – forms, menus, etc. – with each other by means of certain actions of the user in the form of animation. Here we have two advantages that allow us to reach originality:

  1. The unique animation can be created only by imagination and a certain idea of implementation.
  2. Required knowledge to create animation allows you to avoid copying.


#6 Even Flatter

The world got tired of gradients and decided to use a single color across the whole surface of the element. Flat came to us along with Windows 8 and became even more popular with the release of Android 5.0/ iOS 7/8. From that time, it has continually increased its popularity. Simple and clear WordPress themes will be in trend.

#7 Micro Interaction

Taking into account the user experience and history on the website, designers will create relevant elements to interact with the user individually. I will be something like a site inside a site, where blocks will be changed, depending on a visitor’s needs. That is, for example, if you need to buy something or to register, you’ll click on some link and by this activate needed element.

These processes can be either simple or complex, but their ultimate goal is to simplify the website navigation by providing a user with the most convenient choice of goods and services. Therefore, we’ll see a lot of WordPress themes supporting this feature.

You may have noticed that the greatest trend of a few last years is a developing mobile sector. Therefore, WordPress themes will simplify web browsing, enhance readability, and improve UX to mobile users.


Brian Jens had been a freelancer for a couple of years, but finally found it dull and joined DesignContest team. He’s a blogger and designer who never missed an opportunity to conduct an exciting research and share the result with the world. Don’t hesitate and ask Brian for collaboration if you have some bright ideas in mind.