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What is WordPress Multisite?

WordPress Multisite Network

WordPress has the feature to run WordPress multiple websites from one setup of WordPress?
This type of setting is called WordPress Multisite.

In the last few years there were two versions of WordPress; standard WP and WordPress MU (Multi User) were distinct downloads.
With the release of WordPress 3.x those two versions were brought together.

what is wordpress multisite

The Features of WordPress Multisite

For us, enabling multisite was a huge win. By going with multisite, we were able to take advantage of many benefits. WordPress multisite allows you to:

Share one custom theme among all of your multisite blogs. We made slight changes to each of them using child themes.
Share one set of authors. There is only one username/password combination for each user, plus one profile to manage.
Distribute plugins across all blogs, rather than managing them individually for each install. This goes for WordPress updates as well.
Simplify the blogging process. By logging into one blog, we have access to each of them.

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