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Top Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

Hi guys,

In this post have list out few Top Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress, Which are really need full to create website and blogs.
There are lots of WordPress COntact form plugin. But few have extream features.

Please check list of Top Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress from this list.

Jetpack’s Contact Form Module


A contact form is a great way to offer your readers the ability to get in touch, without giving out your personal email address.

Create a contact form
Customize the Submit button
Customize the Notification emails
I do not receive any notification email about form submissions

Contact Form 7


Contact Form 7 4.1 is now available. The maxlength and minlength options, and a new type of form-tag for a Twitter-like character count have been introduced. You can now get field default values from GET and POST variables as well as custom field values.

As stated in the 4.1 beta release, there has been a change in the user-input validation process and, if you use add-on plugins or custom code for Contact Form 7, you may need to modify the code to make it work with Contact Form 7 4.1.

This release also includes several bug-fixes, security enhancements, and translation updates. Upgrading quickly is recommended.

Ninja Forms


Ninja Forms does so much more than we could ever hope to fully explain in a list of features or even in documentation. Below is a list of features we thought you might like highlighted. Click on any specific feature for additional details. Feel free to check out our 10 reasons we think you might want to use Ninja Forms as well.

Fast Secure Contact Form


This powerful form builder is versatile and easy to use. The Fast Secure Contact Form plugin lets you add, remove, and reorder fields, permits custom field creation, and allows commenters to send emails automatically. You can also create multiple forms and redirect users to any URL you choose after the message is sent.
Fast Secure Contact Form provides automatic spam comment protection with built-in Akismet and CAPTCHA support.

Contact Form


This intuitive and highly customizable plugin, Custom Contact Forms, is packed with features and is extremely user-friendly, giving you all of the benefits of CSS customization without having to know CSS. Most features are drag-and-drop or dropdown menu selections, and there are plenty of options to choose from.
Custom Contact Forms let you:
Customize size, colors, borders, padding, margins, backgrounds, and more for your contact forms.
Add, remove, and rearrange fields, including custom created fields (text, text area, checkbox, and dropdown)—unlimited numbers of fields are permitted.
Create an unlimited number of forms and set a different destination email for each one.
Set required fields and optional fields.
Display forms in pages, posts, and theme files.
Redirect to any URL, including a Jquery form thank you message or a custom thank you page.
Enable CAPTCHA or “Are You Human?” spam comment blocking support.
There are many more features with Custom Contact Forms, including a custom HTML feature for developers to further tweak the design.

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